Scarlet Cardigan

photo by engin akyurt (unsplash) keep me warm 'cause the rain  in my head   won’t let up-- happiness when it rains is a joy that brings with it things  i’d rather not speak of.  i’m talking in fragments  again like i haven’t for a lifetime. this coming home to myself, like arriving  to an empty... Continue Reading →

Artist Child

Sorry, child. I'm still hiding. Hiding behind dramas and language learning and novels and social media and endless other excuses. I know I've promised to listen. To just listen and write. But after that initial panic of still not facing what I set out to do, I ran away again. Sorry, I thought I was... Continue Reading →

difficult season

photo by Alexandra Fuller to you who find Christmastime difficult, i'm praying for you. for us. for some reason, whether known or unknown, some of us find this season difficult. we feel alone whether in a room full of our loved ones or in solitude in our hiding places. yes, even those who know true... Continue Reading →

Last Scene

rain pouring rain someone walking someone noticing running, riding rescue? pity? care? rain pouring rain a bench someone sitting drenched a message never read ignored? what exactly was i waiting for? answers? numbness? rescue? you? maybe but you chose not to. rain pouring rain


Photo by Sabine Ojeil on Unsplash Breathe When I forget how to You hold out your hand, cup my face And my world rights itself again. Air rushes in my lungs, Blowing away clouds of gray That cling to the very core of my being And in one exhale, I remember who I am. Loved,... Continue Reading →


Tingala Pagmasdan ang buwan Nasaan ka man Maaari mo kayang maramdaman Kawalan kong nararanasan Gunita Multo ng nakaraan Bakit kailangang Basagin ang kapayapaang Kay tagal pinaghirapan Luksa Di makapaniwalang Nalagpasang nakalipas Kumakatok sa kasalukuyan Naniningil pagkat pinagkaitan Likha Mga linyang sumisipat Sa nakaraang kinalimutan Tuwing ako at ang buwan Nagkakatitigan I began hearing the first... Continue Reading →

Kandle Cafe

Sunday night. 10:16. I'm still sitting in a cafe across my sister who's studying like crazy for her upcoming orals and case management presentation. People around us have come and gone. Only the two other people on the table nearby, who have been here before us, also studying like crazy, are left. The families dining... Continue Reading →

12 Years Later

As I was looking back on old posts, I realized that I have been blogging for 12 years now. I began (on what was then Multiply) after burning all those notes I wrote while grieving. Twelve years after 2007, I'm still writing. It took 12 years before I had the courage to put my name... Continue Reading →

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