Summer Storm

As sudden and intense as a summer storm, you came, shook up my world, and left. I'm like the sun-drenched aftermath, fine, at peace, content, but wanting nothing more than to be shocked by a summer storm again.  


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I decided to go home that summer for longer than usual. I stayed for two weeks after Easter in the house where I grew up, desperately wanting time away from the crazy city life. I was tired and confused thinking about where my life was headed, and I wanted nothing more than to hide from... Continue Reading →

Ode to the First Rain of May

Tonight at midnight Came a sigh of relief After clouds let out Long held back tears In sheets of rain That seeped into  the Dry, cracked earth Filling crevices that thirsted For relief For so long And now let me sleep Find respite After violent sobs Racked the body Tired the heart Emptied the mind... Continue Reading →

The Trouble With Wanting

Wandering soul Wandering mind Wondering what's gone wrong with me And try not to try Swayed by the wind Swayed by desire Can't reach the moon up above And I don't dare touch the fire   'Cause the trouble with wanting is I want you The trouble with wanting is I want you The trouble... Continue Reading →

Still Chasing Dreams

Still chasing dreams, I know this heart that aches for beauty lingers between light and shadow choosing freedom daily yet caught in the lies of a show masquerading as reality.   This heart that longs for light is scared to face the morning after a long winter's night that numbed the senses, dulled the mind... Continue Reading →

I pause--stare into nothingness the song keeps playing and I'm suspended in time, now.   Life, my life, is happening now, not tomorrow nor sometime in the future.   Life won't begin when everything's in place. It's happening now in the chaos, in the mundane.   In the confusion, frustrations, disappointments. In the unfulfilled. In... Continue Reading →


You wake up one day and realize, after 30 years of existence, just how sad Eric Clapton's song "Change the World" is. Funny how life can change the way you experience art.

Baguio for One

Rainy Baguio is perfect for someone who came not to see the sights but to savor the cool weather, good coffee, and solitude. I went there three weeks ago and got to stay at a beautiful, very homely place. It was my first time at the OMF guesthouse but it felt like coming home someplace I've... Continue Reading →

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